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Junior Cert French Revision Notes

Free Junior Cert French revision notes that are available on French Notes . Please note that there are also French Revision Notes for purchase


French Junior Cycle paper layout

Section 1 : Listening : Practice listening to the past listening papers on and answering the questions that go along with the listening . so you can get used to the different accents and the pace that they speak at . 

Section 2 : Comprehensions : Build up vocabularly and get used to layout of the papers by doing past papers .

Section 3 : Section 3 will be one part where you will be asked to write either an email , a letter or a blog . For this section it is important to be able to describe : yourself and your family , your schools and its facilities , holidays and how you travelled and what type of accomadation you are staying in , your hobbies ( what days you train/practice)


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