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Destination College

.The Destination College Programme works in partnership with local Secondary schools, education providers and community based projects to support students from backgrounds, who in the past, would not have traditionally progressed to 3rd level education. Our aim is to ensure that such students have the opportunities and supports to fulfil their educational potential and aspirations by breaking down the barriers that impede upon their access to, and participation in, 3rd level education.

The programme seeks to achieve this through:

·         In-school peer mentoring

·         Community mentoring

·         After-school Academic Support

·         Parent and guardian support programme, and

·         A transition and scholarship programme.

If you would like further information on the programme, please contact Lindsey at and Edel at   or on 061-234187

Registration for Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades is now open, to register you will need the following information,

Exam No.                    PPS No.

Email Address             Phone No.

All Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied students are required to register on between 10am Tuesday 26 May and 10pm Thursday 28 May

To register please click HERE



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