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Application process

Applicants can take many weeks to process due to our rigorous assessment process. Assessment outcomes may very depending on the application. You will receive an update on your application from once it has been assessed.

Please see below for the possible outcomes:

  • Incomplete: Applications that are deemed incomplete are missing vital information for assessment. You will be asked to use the specific link in the email to submit the requested documentation. This will make the assessment time longer than estimated average above. 
  • Awaiting for form of Undertaking confirmation: The Applicant has been deemed eligible. You must follow the link attached to the email and confirm the form of undertaking in order for the payment process to be triggered. It can take up to 4 weeks for the funding to be transferred. 
  • Declined: The Applicant has been deemed ineligible and will no longer be assessed for the fund. 


Note: emails from might go into your spam/junk E-mail inbox, please check these regularly. 

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