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"Bringing the University to the Community and the Community to the University"

The AccessCampus is a unique partnership initiative between Education (University of Limerick), the local community (LEDP), and the technology sector (Dell) creating a mini-campus which supports Limerick people in realising their potential through outreach educational opportunities.

The AccessCampus caters for a diverse range of learners, ranging from primary school children to mature learners.

All groups using the AccessCampus can use state of the art technology in the centre's computer lab, with broadband internet access. The Campus, which is fully wheelchair accessible, is a model of what partnerships between an academic institution, community-based organisations and a private enterprise can achieve when all are working together to a common objective - furthering the educational opportunities of the Limerick community.


Managing Uncertainty during COVID - 19

This is undoubtedly a stressful time, with great change imposed on all of us. Many will find the uncertainty of the pandemic anxiety provoking. This is normal. Remember, there are strategies and practical/psychological tasks that you can do to reduce stress during this time. We have outlined these in our self-help guide for managing your mental health during COVID-19.

AccessCampus Contact Details:

Post: AccessCampus, Unit J, LEDP, Roxboro, Limerick

Phone: Dónal O'Leary  on 061 234751  or Seán Costello on 061 234811  Fax: 061 481291




Writing tasks


1. La Vuelta al Colegio

Classroom objects and school vocab


Describing how you feel about being back at school

El Futuro ‘Informal’ – IR A & INFINITIVE


El Futuro Simple – INFINTIVE & ENDINGS


12 irregular future tense verbs (page 10)


Nouns: gender, plurals


Sample email/letter(informal writting)


Sample diary entry

Informal writing (letter/email):




Besos/Un abrazo/Hasta pronto/Un fuerte abrazo/Besos y abrazos


Diary entry:

. Top right corner:

Martes 8 june, 20 horas.


Querido diario:

Te escribo unas lineas desde mi cama.

. Sign off:

Hasta luego/Buenas noches/ Hasta pronto and your name


2. El Verano Pasado

El verano pasado




El Tiempo/ pronòstico del tiempo – vocab & weather forecasts


El Pretérito Indefinido (Past Simple)

Irregular verbs (page 30)


El Pretérito Imperfecto (Used to)

Irregular verbs (page 32)


Sample dialogue

Dialogue writing is worth 30 marks

Use expression that you have prepared for your oral exam.


. Y: (E)

padre e hijo/ Juan e Inès

. O: (U)

mujer  u hombre/ Antonio u Oscar


3. Mi Colegio

El sistema educativo español


Describing your school, facilities, uniform, subjects, teachers, rules


La ropa – vocab


Mi Rutina Diaria 

El Presente

Radical changing verbs


Usos de TENER

Ser v Estar


Reflexive verbs



Opinion writing




Opinion writing is worth 50 marks( 25 for language and 25 for content)

Max 150 words


. 1st paragraph: say if you agree or disagree with statement

Eg: Personalmente, opino que...


En mi opinion....

En cuanto a mì,....


. Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 should have a different argument

Eg. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo porque....

Me parece una buena idea que....

Me parece exagerado decir que...

No estoy de acuerdo con ...

Desde mi punto de vista...

Parece ser que...

No se puede negar que...

Es verdad que...


.Closing paragraph to sum up ideas just made.

Eg.  En conclusion, podemos decir que...

De esto se puede concluir que...

De lo que acabo de decir se puede concluir que...


4. Todo Sobre Mí

Describing yourself and others: age, birthday, personality, appearance, profession, relationship, interests


La familia: describing relationships


Expressing large numbers


Mi mejor amigo

La importancia de los amigos



Adjectives – agreement, comparatives & superlatives

Demonstrative adjectives


El Pretérito Perfecto



Descripciòn fìsica y caràcter

Lo + adjective

Eg: Lo interesante/ lo bueno

5. Mi casa, mi barrio y mi ciudad

Describing your area & your city

La casa – vocabulario

Describing your room


Las tareas domésticas

(La igualdad de género en el hogar)

Adverbios de tiempo


El Condicional



Vivir en la ciudad

Vivir en la ciudad


Sample email