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Welcome to the Access Office

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The Access Office works to promote and support the access and participation of students from groups that have been under-represented in the university sector for socio-economic reasons. The Access Office engages with students and their parents at different stages in the educational lifecycle, beginning in schools and communities at the earliest opportunity, facilitating entry pathways to third-level education for students from a wide range of socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Access Office uses the concept of the Engagement Cycle to inform its policies and everyday practices. The core activities of the Access Office can be viewed through the following phases:

  • Aspiration: Raising awareness of the possibilities of third-level education and reducing barriers to entry. 
  • Transitions: Providing clear pathways and flexible entry routes for students to enrol in higher education. 
  • Retention: Ensuring a range of supports are available throughout students' programmes of study to increase the likelihood of completion.

Access students, under the age of 23, enter the university through one of two entry Access routes.

  1. Higher Education Access Route
  2. Access to University Course 

The work of the Access Office may be broadly categorised into three areas:

For further details on any aspect of the Access programmes contact