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SULIS is the learning management system at UL, based on Sakai. It is jointly supported by ITD and the CTL. 

To get started, log in with your UL network username (name.surname for staff, ID number for students) and password. You will have access to any site in which you have been added as a participant (as instructor, student or TA).

  • FAQs, starting guides, full documentation, and videos are available from Training and advice is offered on request for departments and individuals.

  • All support requests must be logged by faculty and staff through ITD Service Desk (http://inside/itdservicedesk), CTL/ITD will respond ASAP

  • For videos addressing common frequently asked questions, please see the ITD website.

  • For students: see Getting started - Students. If you have technical problems, please contact your lecturer so s/he logs a call on your behalf.


Turnitin is an online tool designed to manage, grade and improve students' writing through meaningful feedback in integration with Sulis or as a stand-alone platform.

To create a Turnitin account, please log a call through ITDservicedesk

Note: please ensure you are using the US version of Turnitin ( as some browsers automatically redirect you to the UK one. For technical questions, please log your call directly with Turnitin Support

Grading and Feedback with Turnitin - Practice Share

Big Blue Button


BigBlueButton (BBB) is a virtual meeting application that allows users use real time audio, video and chat to communicate with online users. Additionally, it provides a presentation space, an interactive whiteboard and voting functionality. 

For more information, please see the BBB information page on the ITD website.