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Robert Dalton, Centre for Project Management/Mechanical Engineering

March 2018

As part of the module ME4523 Thermodynamics 1 Module in October 2017, we ran a first group assignment for 146 students (29 Groups). A second one is now open for module ME4526 Introduction to Heat Transfer.

Module ME4523

The objective of the assignment was to develop a greater understanding of the second law of thermodynamics and the flow of energy by studying a video clip of the groups choice that is being played in reverse. The assignment had multiple steps each with a specific deadline. Students accessed a Moodle Wiki top see what group they were assigned to. The first deliverable by each group was to draw up a Group Charter, exemplars and format was provided. Each member of the group submitted their Group Charter to Sulis (through an assignment link on Moodle). Then, they had to select or make a video-clip of choice (not longer than 10-20 seconds) which is played in reverse (it can played forwards also). The objective  of this group assignment is to analyse and form consensus why these processes cannot happen according to the second law of thermodynamics. The next phase consisted in a critical friend approach by each group in providing formal feedback on another groups video and 5 page draft report in each groups wiki page. In stage 5 each group had to produce a final report which critically reflected on the feedback they received and what they learned from engaging in both the collaborative group work and what they learned from engaging and providing feedback to their peers work. Each member of the group upload a copy of the their groups final report in Sulis  through an assignment link on Moodle. 146 Assignments received on time!