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Darina Slattery's collection of TEL Resources. 

Darina Slattery (Lecturer in E-Learning and Instructional Design at UL) has developed an extensive collection of TEL resources for teaching and learning. The collection includes links to various categories of tools (e.g. tools for blogging,  video-editing/ creation, podcasting, polling, presentations/ animations, screen casting, videoconferencing, and collaborative authoring). The collection also includes links to useful guidelines and resources (e.g. grading rubrics for online activities, demos and checklists for e-learning courses, netiquette guidelines, sample e-tivities, and learning object repositories and moocs). The collection is updated on a regular basis.

Darina is also the lead facilitator of the DUO (Developing UL Online) workshops for faculty wishing to convert their programmes for online delivery. Contact for further details about the workshop.

Learning Solutions Blended Learning

The TELU has worked with the Human Resources Division to consolidate and offer a Sulis hosted solution for a range of online training tools specifically designed for the Higher Education sector. Amongst this, you can access a full course developed by Oxford University Press/Epigeum in Blended Learning.

The materials are available in Sulis by joining Login to Sulis with your UL username and password. When prompted to join the site, click Yes. Please then see the Online Professional Development tab.

Emma O’Brien (Management and Development Unit UL); John F Kelly (Centre for Project Management, UL), Olivia McDermott (Management and Development Unit, UL) and Angelica Risquez (Centre for Teaching and Learning, UL) provide their insights into these questions:

  • What does blended learning mean to you?
  • What are the opportunities afforded by blended learning?
  • What are some of the challenges of blended learning?

                                                Angelica Risquez






The interviews have been edited in the context of the Digital Badge initiative of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, and will feature on a new Teaching Online badge. A schedule is being drawn up for the delivery of professional development workshops for the badges in late September, and there will be a piloting stage for the badge delivery.