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Tips for Creating Screencasts

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 Screencast Tips

Create an outline before recording

Make a simple list of chronological tasks and have it visible to you during the recording, it can be useful to create a script that you can follow. These steps help to reduce the time spent editing or re-recording your screencast.

Prepare your environment

  1. Close out all other apps and tabs and record in a quiet environment.  This will:
    • free up your computer’s processing power so that your screen recording software can run more smoothly and
    • eliminate the possibility of distracting notifications or background noises
  2. Test your recording software to ensure the audio is working and your voice is clear.
  3. Make the capture window as small as possible to get rid of unnecessary “visual noise” and reduce your video’s file size.

Communicate with your viewer

  • Tell your viewers what you’ll cover
  • Keep it short (approx. 2-3 minutes). If you must record longer screencasts, consider breaking it up into separate, more focused segments.
  • Speak slowly and clearly

ADD some flair

  • Zoom in:  Zoom in/out on your Chrome browser by pressing Control +, or Control -
  • Annotate:  Depending on your subscription, you can add annotation, focus a spotlight on your mouse, and draw with a pen tool (this may not be available in free software).
  • Use keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts will mean you will use your mouse less, which is less distracting.
  • Edit out unnecessary actions.  Who wants to see you copy, paste and edit something repeatedly, either edit the recording, or pause the recording, complete the duplicate tasks, and resume recording.

End with a summary


Recap by telling your viewers what they should have learned. This will help them remember all of your key points –and make your presentation more effective.


<What is Screencasting                                                         Create a screencast with Screencast-o-matic>