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Antonio Calderon, Physical Education and Sport Sciences

May 2017

Antonio’s innovative approach to teaching and assessment, which he has branded as #CoolPE, is focused on preparing pre-service teachers for the inclusive classroom in a digital era. The module aims to prepare pre-service teachers to examine sociological concepts of teaching and learning in physical education (gender, obesity, religion, nomophobia, etc). Every lecture starts with a though provoking ‘clip of the week’. Following the video, in teams of four, pre-service teachers reflect on the thoughts of the student from the video and proposed ideas to help. Every lecture includes also an article of the week: teams had to answer different questions linked with the video and the article, which was projected in the class screen simulating a game show. The approach of assessment consists of:

  1. Team project: to design, develop and present a project addressing the unique needs of students from the ‘clip of the week’
  2. Design an infographic and share it through Twitter to engage in a social media chat with other teachers
  3. To write a blog post (using Blogger or Wordpress) reflecting about the whole learning experience

The assessment, which included a good element of self-evaluation, was managed through social media tools and Whatsapp. This innovation was awarded the Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching & Learning in 2017, through this video.