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2017 Project All Aboard

AllAboard 2017

All AboardTELU obtained funding to participate in All Aboard2017 (, a week-long (3-7 April 2017) series of national and regional public events to build confidence in Ireland’s digital skills for learning, co-run by The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Ireland’s higher education institutions. This campaign built on the work invested in the Take 1 Step ( campaign to foster digital literacy based on the National Framework for Digital Skills (


All Aboard












TELU activities happened in collaboration with the 7th Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival (, an initiative by the PAUL Partnership to promote and support access to lifelong educational, training, and learning opportunities, which is coordinated in UL by CPE. The Festival, which ran right across Limerick City and County from Saturday 1st to Friday 7th April, featured an exciting line up of over 250 events, all of which were free and open to all under the theme ‘Communities, Connecting, Learning’. The festival was supported by a strong PR/Media campaign including brochures and flyers distributed across Limerick, the Website, Social Media (@LimkLearnFest), the Limerick Leader & Live 95FM.

Life Long Learning









An initial Showcase in MIC opened the festival week on Saturday 1st April offering a wide range of interactive events, activities and workshops, and providing a snapshot of what the whole festival week entailed.

As part of this, the Centre for Teaching and Learning coordinated an e-treasure hunt around Limerick city in order to encourage the public to visit the Festival Showcase and learn more about it, and to develop digital skills on the go while learning about the city and its treasures. This treasure hunt generated a lot of attention and media press coverage. 18 teams undertook the challenge, incentivised by the prize of an Android tablet for the winning team. Participants provided excellent feedback about the experience, reporting an enhanced awareness of the festival and of All Aboard events in particular.

Open Education Resources  e-treasure hunt winers


Winners of the e-treasure hunt with UL staff and students and with Yvonne Lane, coordinator of Limerick Lifelong Learning 2017

Librarians at the Glucksman Library partnered with students of Journalism at UL to guide participants through the media maze in the session ‘Fake news and how to spot it’ on April 3rd in the BOI Workbench in Limerick.

Michelle Hogan 

UL Students cut all aboard cake



Michelle Hogan talking participants through Fake News and How to Spot it
UL students Michelle Hogan, Niamh McMahon and Jennifer Purcell cut the All Aboard cake

On April 4th, the session ‘From attics to archives’ helped participants to learn about the care and curation of personal archival materials from experienced digitisation and archives professionals from the Glucksman Library. Attendees brought material with them for assessment and discussion.

Evelyn McAuley and Sinéad Keogh from UL Library advise Randel Hodkinson of J Hodkinson & Sons Ecclesiastical Decorators about the care of drawings and designs

Evelyn McAuley and Sinéad Keogh from UL Library advise Randel Hodkinson of J Hodkinson & Sons Ecclesiastical Decorators about the care of drawings and designs

Vincent O’Connell from the Dept of History, UL and Eoghan Power who came to Attics to Archives for tips on preserving historic images

Vincent O’Connell from the Dept of History, UL and Eoghan Power who came to Attics to Archives for tips on preserving historic images

On April 6th, the ITD division organised the event ‘How to hashtag’ in the Hunt Museum. After a short introduction to hashtags, visitors were asked to create content to help promote the museum and provide interesting views of their museum experience. Visitors were invited to take photos with their mobile phones and post them to their social media of choice using #huntmuseum. To see some examples from the day, search for huntmuseum on Instagram.

Sexton Street CBS CBS Students at the hunt museum

The last day of the festival on April 7th was focused on the theme ‘Online wellbeing and identity’, which saw three events coordinated by the Centre for Teaching and Learning. In ‘You and your mobile phone’, Dr. Antonio Calderon, Lecturer in Physical Education & Sport Sciences at UL, helped participants to measure their level of mobile phone addiction, discussed how they can use their mobiles for connecting and learning, and awarded their ‘in control of my mobile’ badge. Dr. Lucy Smith, Deputy Head at the UL Counselling Service, later facilitated a fascinating discussion on how ‘social’ media actually leads to disconnect and dissatisfaction with life. Finally, in the session your ‘digital footprint’, we explored the information that can be found about us all on the web, and offered participants some tips to manage this online trail better.

Life Long Learning Moblie Phone

Dr Angelica Risquez, CTL, Dr Antonio Calderon, PESS, and Dr Lucy Smith, UL Counselling Service.

The event, which took three full hours in the BOI Workbench in Limerick City, was attended by a total of 32 members of the public, and generated a huge amount of insightful discussion and sharing of personal experiences and challenges at a deep emotional and personal level.

Involvement in All Aboard 2017 and Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival provided excellent opportunities for civic engagement and highlighted the enthusiasm of the broader community for learning and for engaging with the university. The organisers gained a wider view of how tablet devices and smart phones can be used outside traditional educational environments, and the engagement with our own students in applied projects will continue to enrich learning and teaching in the university. The project has also opened the door to future collaborative initiatives with the Hunt Museum, Paul Partnership, and the BOI Workbench.