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Comments from Previous Students Include

"The counsellors that I have attended have been emphatic and professional - an excellent support and very encouraging" (Postgraduate Student)
"I was pregnant and went for help" (1st year Business Student)
"I was very hassled but the counsellors put me totally at ease" (1st year Sports Science student)
"I could discuss everything and realise that I wasn't a freak" (2nd year European Studies student)
"I hated it here first and got great support from just talking about it" (Erasmus student)
"I thought my problem was so stupid but I never once felt undermined" (2nd year Wood Science student)
"I didn't feel judged" (2nd year Engineering student)
"It was very confidential and I could talk about everything" (3rd year Computer Systems student)
"It was very easy to make an appointment" (4th year Law student)

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