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Student Health Centre applications

The University is keen to minimise the impact of our internal processes on the country's health system and services.  As such, where you are submitting an application for a Student Health Centre I-Grade for consideration and you do not already have third-party certification that supports the application, there is no requirement to seek such certification.  The application must include the full details of the medical related issue and, where available, reference any third-party certification that supports the application.  There is no need to submit copies of any third-party certification to the University at this stage but you should retain copies for future use if required.  Where no third-party certification is available, it is vitally important to state that you are self-certifying.

For the avoidance of doubt, this category:

  • includes health related issues pertaining to COVID-19 but does not include non-health related COVID-19 issues. Please use the COVID-19 Exceptional application.
  • Does not include applications in relation to mental health issues. Please use the Student Counselling application.

All sections of the application form must be completed.  Any incomplete applications will be rejected.

Please email for assistance with applications.

IGrade Applications