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Step 3

Completion of an Online I Grade Application (or alternative form where appropriate)

End of Semester Exams/Projects etc

IF your application is being supported by the SHC, the next step is to complete an online I grade application form.

All students, with the exception of medical and taxation students, must complete the online form. Medical and Taxation students will be provided with an alternative form to complete when they make contact with the SHC (Ria.Toland@ul.ie).

The online application form will be located on the SHC website 2 weeks in advance of the end of semester exams at www.ul.ie/medical. NB! You must make contact with the SHC before completing the online application form.  Applications submitted without the support of the SHC will be rejected.

The name of the medical professional processing online applications is Nurse Claire Kearns.  This name will appear in the drop down list on the application form. 

When you submit the online I grade application, an automated email will be sent to your UL email account acknowledging receipt of your application. Please note, if you do not receive an automated email then your application has not been correctly submitted.

Access to the online application form is only available using your UL computer account username and password.  Students must check well in advance that they are able to login to their UL account.  Students who experience difficulties logging in should send an email to Information Technology Student Support at ITSS@ul.ie

Repeat Exams/Summer Semester Modules

The online I grade application form is only used for the end of semester exams.  For the repeats/summer semester modules you will be given an alternative form to complete upon making contact with the SHC (Ria.Toland@ul.ie).

IGrade Applications