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Step 2

You must book an appointment at the SHC to discuss your I grade application unless your medical certification clearly states that you are incapacitated.

If you are incapacitated, it is possible to process an application via email by emailing Ria.Toland@ul.ie

In the email you will need to attach your External Medical Certification Form/hospital certification and confirm the following:-

  • The title of your course
  • A summary of your circumstances and why you wish to apply for I grades
  • The number of I grades you wish to apply for, the dates the exams took place or the deadline for completion of your project/placement etc.
  • That you did not enter the exams or already submit the assignments/projects which you are requesting I grades for.

The nurse/doctor will make a decision based on the information provided as to whether or not he/she can propose your application to the I Grade Committee for consideration.  It is this Committee, not the SHC, which determines the award of I grades.

Appointments can be made by telephoning 061.202.534 or by calling into the SHC Reception.   Please state when making the appointment that it is in relation to an I grade application.

IGrade Applications