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Sexual Health Clinic

**The last date for STI screenings will be Thursday 23rd Apr 2020**

The sexual health clinic is a nurse led clinic.
Students must wait for a minimum of 2 weeks after unprotected sex before attending for screening in order to capture true results.

Students who test positive will be contacted by the nurse within 10 days of their appointment.  All other students may ring the Student Health Centre Reception if they wish to check that their results are back and that they are normal.

An STI screening involves the following:-

  • A full sexual history.
  • Appropriate examination where indicated.
  • A blood sample for HIV/syphilis/Hepatitis.
  • For women: a vaginal swab is required and throat swabs where indicated.
  • For men: A urine sample is required.  The first sample of the day is advised for best results. Urine bottles are available from the Student Health Reception.

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