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Important Points to Note

  • An I grade shall only be awarded in cases where the student has not completed all of the requirements for the module.
  • Students should not attempt to sit examinations if unfit to do so.  If students knowingly decide to undertake part or all of an examination while unwell, their chances of subsequently obtaining an I grade may be jeopardised.
  • Students who request to apply for I grades but who then decide to complete their exams, assignments etc must notifiy the SHC that they no longer wish their application to be considered by the I Grade Committee.
  • Students who are awarded an I grade should contact the academic responsible for the module to determine how the outstanding requirements are to be completed and the deadline for completion of the requirements.
  • It is possible to apply for more than one I grade and I grades can only be awarded for full modules, not component parts of modules. You will need to check with your lecturer for confirmation as to whether or not any assignment/mid-term grades will stand or if the module(s) will revert to 100%.
  • Students applying for an I grade in the spring semester for an ‘M’ graded module such as a Final Year Project need to submit an application for the associated autumn semester  module as well (please request further information on this if required).
  • Students awarded I grades in the autumn or spring semester who are unable to complete the module requirements by the summer deadline on medical grounds should apply for ‘double I grades’ (please request further information on this if required).
  • Students who are awarded I grades are not required to pay an additional registration fee for completion of the module and the grade is not capped.

IGrade Applications