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I Grade Applications

Please note: The deadline for summer semester I grade applications has now passed and applications can no longer be accepted.

Information regarding applications for the autumn semester will be published towards the end of the semster.

I grades may be awarded to students who are not in a position to complete a module(s) during the normal timelines due to either a medical condition, a mental health issue or an immediate family bereavement/family crisis. I grades permit students to complete their module(s) at a later date without their grade being capped at a C3.

Students who are awarded an I grade should contact the academic responsible for the module to determine how the outstanding requirements are to be completed and the deadline for completion of the requirements.

Yes, It is possible to apply for more than one I grade.  There is no limit on the number of I grades you can apply for.

No, I grades can only be awarded for full modules, not component parts of modules. 

If you are unable to complete a mid-term assessment your lecturer will make alternative arrangements for you.

You will need to check with your lecturer for confirmation as to whether or not any completed assignment/mid-term grades will still contribute towards your final grade or if the module(s) will revert to 100%.

The deadline for clearing I grades awarded in the autumn or spring semesters is usually the end of August but the deadline will be confirmed nearer to the time.

You will be eligible to apply for I grades again to cover the summer semester if the reason for being unable to clear the I grades is due to a medical condition, mental health issue or immediate family bereavement/family crisis.

No, you will not be able to progress in to the next academic year.  You will need to either complete a link in to your modules or repeat the semester, depending on the number of modules involved and your QCA.  Academic Registry will inform you of what you need to do.

Advice will be published towards the end of the semester on how to apply for I grades.


For any queries, please email the appropriate service below:-

COVID-19 Exceptional: ​covidigrade@ul.ie

Medical Conditions: Student Health Centre - Ria.Toland@ul.ie

Mental Health Issues: Student Counselling Service - Counselling@ul.ie 

Bereavements: Chaplaincy Service - John.Campion@ul.ie