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Contraceptive Clinic

  • The Contaceptive Clinic runs throughout the week, in the mornings and afternoons, but repeat prescriptions are issued Mondays to Thursdays in the afternoons only.
  • Please state when booking an appointment that you wish to book the contraceptive clinic and whether or not it is a repeat prescription issued previously by the Student Health Center or if it is your first time requesting a contraceptive prescription from us.
  • New consultations: All students who have not previously attended the Student Health Centre for contraception will be seen by the nurse for a full assessment.  They will then be referred to the doctor for their first prescription. 
  • Renewal of prescriptions: Repeat prescriptions can be issued by the nurse but appointments must be booked in advance. Please note, same day, walk in requests cannot be accommodated and it is therefore advisable not to leave it until you are running out of your prescription to book an appointment.
  • Morning after Pill: The morning after pill can be provided at the Student Health Centre.  Please state when booking an appointment that this is what you require so that an urgent appointment can be prioritised for you.
  • Implanon: The implanon bar can be both inserted and removed at the Student Health Centre. Please state what you need when booking your appointment.
  • Copper Coil (IUD):  Students must have an initial appointment to get a prescription (€15) for the coil and have swabs taken on that day or on the same day they are having the coil put in (€75).  Please state when booking your appointment that this is what you require. The price of the Kayleena coil is €130 approximately.  The price of the copper coil is €60 approximately.

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