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Community Liaison Office

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In 2009, the Student Affairs Division established the Community Liaison Office to support and promote strong and meaningful links with our external communities.   The CLO civic engagement strategy is directed towards sustaining, promoting and developing; student volunteering, student led volunteering, and community based research and learning across communities and across UL disciplines and services.   The CLO is committed to enhancing the experiences of communities, HEI students and staff through emancipatory based civic engagement activities and practices.

The most important strength of the CLO is the willingness of students, community organisations and groups, UL colleagues, and educational partners across the sectors to collaborate on the development and delivery of initiatives that are mutually beneficial to all involved.

In 2010, the Student Affairs Division through the CLO established the President's Volunteer Award (PVA) to sustain, promote, support and formally acknowledge the contribution student volunteers make to their communities and vice versa. There are 6 level of awards click here for more information on these and how to apply for a PVA.   The PVA is a powerful example of meaningful and mutually beneficial HEI collaborations.  The CLO co-ordinates and manages student volunteering through the PVA.

In 2013, the Student Affairs Division through the CLO promoted student volunteering and student led engagement across the higher education sector through its work with Campus Engage.  Campus Engage is a national network for the promotion of civic engagement activities across all higher education institutions in Ireland.  It aims to strengthen the relationship between higher education and the wider society, through the promotion of civic engagement activities in higher education and facilitating the sharing of knowledge and resources between academic and civic communities.  This falls within the broader objectives of the National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 see Campus Engage.  

In 2016, the University of Limerick through the CLO's work with Campus Engage launched   This is the first national online management system designed to support, promote and record higher education student volunteering and student led engagement with internal and external communities across Ireland and beyond.  

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University of Limerick Arts Office curates collaborative socially engaged arts projects. Many of these involve community groups or the coming together of individuals to form a group. Our mantra is “Everyday Art for Everyday People”

University of Limerick Arts Office community based projects take; many forms – the facilitation of a project created by another group; the curation of an event to address social issues that has an impact on a particular group or the community in general; the use of the University Art Collections as a community resource; assist other university divisions in their outreach work.

You may contact the Arts Office at the University of Limerick at

Academy for Children

The Academy works with DEIS primary schools in Limerick city and county with a focus on 5th and 6th class pupil.

The goal of the Academy is to encourage and support primary school children in local DEIS designated schools to reach their full potential and begin their journey onto higher education. 

This is achieved though the delivery of on campus and in school programmes that are designed in collaboration with schools.

These fun, and interesting, age-specific activities are designed to raise aspirations and to begin to embed the University of Limerick into school communities early in the children’s educational journeys.

The role of the Academy is to open doors and expand horizons, to introduce the University to those who do not know it and to inspire future graduates.

You may contact the academy @

or alternatively call 086 065 7883

Educational Assistive Technology Centre


The Educational Assistive Technology Centre (EATC) at the University of Limerick is dedicated to supporting students, staff and parents of the University, other third-level institutions, secondary, and primary schools with assistive technology services.

Our mission is to research, develop and champion inclusive digital practice in education. The centre’s approach is underpinned by the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework and delivered through best practices in digital accessibility & Assistive Technology (AT).

Some of the services that are available to students, educators, parents and organisations who are external to the University include; 

  1. Presentations and Information Sessions

On request, we can schedule a presentation or information session on Assistive Technology (AT) for groups including, schools, parents, teachers, SNA’s, education professionals, companies, or private organisations.

These sessions can cover all aspects of AT for education, including but not limited to:

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Accessibility
  • Any Assistive Technology


  1. Assistive Technology Assessment Services – Educational Only

We help to determine which AT would best suit a person’s educational needs. These assessments include:

  • Private consultation with individuals
  • Detailed demonstrations, trials, and implementation plans
  • Assistive Technology Assessment reports

Currently the Assessment Service is limited to students who are categorised has high needs, such as vision or hearing loss or physical or multiple disabilities, and to students in the mid-west region.

  1. Assistive Technology Training and Training Courses

EATC has developed numerous assistive technology courses and are available on request, some are listed below, courses can also be tailored to training needs. Alternatively, EATC runs Assistive Technology Training courses through local education centres and other charities and organisations for teachers and staff. Finally, EATC runs summer training programs for students with learning difficulties, to sign up for these courses please email the contact below.

Training Courses:

  • UDL
  • Creating Accessible educational materials
  • AT Learning Difficulties
    • Read & Write Gold
    • Freeware for Windows
    • iPads & Apps
    • Google Workspace, Chrome & Chromebook Accessibility
    • Mind Mapping
    • Note Taking Solutions
    • Hardware
    • Executive Functioning & Organisation
  • Physical
    • Voice Recognition
    • Alternative Inputs supports
  • Hearing
    • Learning supports
    • Hardware
    • Freeware
  • Visual
    • Freeware Windows, MAC, Chrome
    • iPad & iPhone Accessibility
    • Magnification Software
    • Hardware
    • Screen Readers
    • Touch Typing


Contact Details,


Contact Details

Gabriella Hanrahan
Community Liaison Officer
Student Union Building - SU-105
061 213739

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