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Chaplaincy Centre

Chaplaincy Centre (Teach Fáilte)


Students are welcome to visit Teach Fáilte, our drop in centre in the Students' Square.  This Centre is driven by, and responds to the needs of all students equally and is one of the busiest and most welcoming students' hubs on campus.  It is open daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm.  Individuals or groups are welcome for a casual cuppa and chat.  In times of difficulty students are assured of a listening ear and may be facilitated to avail of other supports on or off campus.

Students enjoying themselves in Teach Failte

Teach Fáilte has hosted a number of events such as Coffee Mornings supporting Fair Trade, The Hospice; International student gatherings; refreshments following various services in the Contemplative Centre; S.U. Christmas party.

Come along and experience Teach Fáilte for yourself. You will always find a warm welcome!

Sr Sarah

Teach Fáilte serves as a venue for all kinds of events such as this Coffee Morning in aid of educational projects in Ghana.

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