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Blood Tests

**The last date for blood tests will be Thursday 23rd April 2020**

  • NB! Blood tests can be only be performed if the doctor believes there to be a clinical need.  They are not done on a routine basis.
  • Blood tests are done Mondays to Thursdays, in the mornings only, and incur an additional €10 charge. 
  • To request blood tests, you will need to book a consultation with the doctor. 
  • Please state when booking an appointment that you wish to request blood tests.
  • If the doctor feels blood tests are required, you will then be referred to the nurse to carry out the tests. 
  • Alternatively, if you have a written request from a GP, consultant or hospital doctor, blood tests can be booked directly with the nurse.
  • Please note that we will try as much as possible for your doctor consultation and blood tests to be conducted during the same appointment but this may not always be possible.
  • Students with abnormal blood results will need to revert to their own GP for follow up treatment.

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