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Access to Patient Records

Access to patient records is regulated to ensure that they are used only to the extent necessary to enable
the clinicians or admin team to perform their tasks for
the proper functioning of the SHC.  In this regard patients should understand that SHC staff may have access to their records to ensure safe and efficient care for you. SHC staff will need to access your record to carry out the following functions:

  • Identifying and printing repeat prescriptions for patients. These are then reviewed and signed by the doctor.
  • Generating a sickness certificate for the patient. This is then checked and signed by the doctor.
  • Typing referral letters to hospital consultants or other medical professionals.
  • Opening letters from hospitals and consultants and scanning them into the patient record.
  • Scanning clinical letters, radiology reports and any other documents not available in electronic format.
  • Dealing with patient complaints.
  • Downloading laboratory results and out of hours reports and performing integration of these results into the electronic patient record.
  • Photocopying or printing documents for referral to consultants or when a patient is changing GP.
  • Checking for a patient if a hospital or consultant letter is back or if a laboratory or radiology result is back, in order to schedule a conversation with the doctor.
  • When a patient makes contact with the SHC, checking if they are due for any preventative services, such as contraceptive pill check, sexual health screening, etc.
  • Sending and receiving information via Socrates secure clinical email.
  • Other activities related to the support of medical care appropriate for the SHC support staff.

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