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Working Remotely During COVID-19

A comprehensive information repository regarding Covid19 matters is being updated regularly by the University – it hosts daily updates, announcements from our President, and an extensive list of FAQs and support advice. 

This site provides resources and information that may be useful to you as you navigate the new reality of completing this Semester remotely. 







Two key advantages of online learning are flexibility and convenience. But online learning is a lot more challenging than it may seem. What are the main challenges experienced by online learners. Read here.

Watch the video below for 9 simple but effective tips to get used to learning online.




It is important to validate any "information" regarding module assessments and deadlines that you hear. 

It is very easy for misinformation and rumours to spread, particularly on social media platforms and in closed conversations.

Follow up with your lecturer if you are uncertain about assesment guidelines/submission criteria. 

Don`t rely on the excuse "I heard from another student that ....." to justify late submission or misinterpratation of the assignment guidelines.




I really struggle reading online, I’m faster reading from physical paper and had a system printing stuff off from the library and organizing my readings in a folder. As this isn’t possible now I was looking for somewhere I could organise my readings into and to be able to highlight documents and to be able to carry on reading where I left off. You probably know of the program Mendeley but I found this really useful for a number of reasons:

  • I can upload all my readings from Sulis so that I don’t have to keep opening sulis to access my readings. – this saves a lot of time
  • I can highlight and leave notes on the documents. – an excellent tool to make the most of online reading
  • Whenever I reopen the program and open a reading I was reading from a previous session, it saves where I left off so there is no time wasted in finding where I stopped reading – super handy!
  • I have created folders for each of my subjects so it is easy to navigate to documents quickly
  • The program loads up most of the referencing details so it is a super handy tool and easy to navigate

Using Mendeley has helped me a lot in reading online and I don’t think I’d be as well equipped if I didn’t use it or another program similar.


1. TEAMVIEWER: TeamViewer is incredibly handy as I can ring my classmates either on video or through a voice call.. I can share my screen to show classmates what I’ve done on my computer or I can use my computer as a remote control and control my peers computers if they are having trouble doing something, I can show them through their computer! I think this is a very handy tool for students to keep in touch and to share ideas/thoughts/discussions/whatever

I think it’s important for us students to stay in touch and communicate weekly if possible through voice or video chats, a problem shared is a problem halved and other students might have some tips and even knowing that someone is in the same boat as you can help in not feeling like you’re going at the task alone!

For people who aren’t very computer literate I can understand how daunting distant learning can be but with a few tools like Mendeley and TeamViewer once we’ve taken the task to learn how to use these programs I think it will give a lot of students more confidence in their distant learning. Programs are both free to download.


The International Division are hosting a “Heart & Soul” week all this week. It started yesterday with a live fitness session on Instagram at 1pm. Students can check the International Division social media channels for full details.

  • Tuesday:Switch off tips
  • Wednesday:Healthy Recipes ,Staff 'Positive Perspective'
  • Thursday: Linking of our new albums Called 'Hit the Books' and has all songs that motivate people to study.'Thursday Thought' post - graphic with an inspirational quote/did you know fact that will tie in with the Heart&Soul Week theme.
  • Friday:Another live HIIT workout,Staff 'Positive Perspective' post, Blog post: 'Attending class online' by one of our ambassadors who has returned to America.

Rí Rá 2020 Organized Chaos Day OnLine is an online festival, taking place on 1st April, hosted by students on the M.A. Festive Arts at the Irish World Academy. It will celebrate Play, Chaos, Joy, and Well-being. 

There will be live music, TED talks, live discussions, meditation, exercise, dance, clown, mask and lots more, a veritable cornucopia of all kinds of wonderment. You’ll even see some of your fellow classmates and faculty.

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Enjoy our trailer by none other than our very own King Clown, Simon Thompson!



There may be something that you are having difficulty with in a specific module or modules. Please don’t just avoid it, as you will have to complete assessments the same as everyone else!

If you have a question or issue related to a module, we will do our best to source an answer to your question. You can send your query to, make sure you include the MODULE NAME and MODULE CODE.

I will collate questions and pass them on to the module leader, and these will be addressed and updated on the SES website twice weekly – you will be emailed the link twice weekly.

This means you will have the benefit of the answers to other people’s questions as well as your own. This should help lecturers that have huge numbers in their lectures stay on top of student queries rather than having to respond to similar queries numerous times and will also mean that students who might be hesitant to contact lecturers directly can get their queries answered.

Module AC4002 2020 Management Accounting Year 1
Seeking an answer to question 63 of AC4002 Tutorial Pack- 2020 Student Version Management Accounting Year one please?


Module CE4702 Computer Software 2

Question: If you have the recommended code that should implement a GUI in BlueJ (for example LabelFrame from our notes) how do you then run the code so that the GUI actually works? There are loads of methods that you can call but I can find none that seem to run the code as it is supposed to be run.

For now email answers to , and site will be updated with your contribution. An interactive method for students to ask Questions and share answers will be in place asap!



Working on a group project can be challenging at the best of times. Students have highlighted to us that group projects are even more difficult and time consuming when it has to be done virtually.

This article outlines some tips on how to work effectively in a group project. 

Consider the following when you are working on a group project:

  • Nominate one group member to take notes, and summarise actions.

  • Set a timeframe and agenda for meetings and stick to it.

  • Recap, what has been decided upon, who will complete each action point, and the outcomes of completed identified actions.

  • Decide timeframe for actions completed and next meeting


Online Tools can be particularly useful when working in a virtual environment. Here are some recommendations:

Useful tools for sharing and adding to content:

Google Docs



Trello is a useful tool for task management. See for more information.