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Staying Organised

Planning for your assessment in UL during Covid-19

Finding Information

Students need to use high quality scholarly sources in their assignments and research. This video narrated by our Education and Health Sciences Librarian, Liz Dore, guides you through how to begin on the library's website and navigate your way to the journals, books and electronic resources you should use and helps you to break down your topic to a usable and useful set of keywords for your searches.



This is a 2 part video describing how to find scholarly literature. In this video Liz Dore, the Librarian for Education and Health Sciences at the University of Limerick, describes how to Plan, Define and Identify Sources for your research.




Fake News and Misinformation

Information Fallout: Information Fallout is a narrative-based learning tool designed to introduce information literacy skills to students. It is based around attaining and using six “Info Tactics:”

  • Consider the context of a source when evaluating it.
  • Consider the creation process when looking at a source.
  • Give credit to other people’s ideas.
  • Ask questions for better research.
  • Appreciate that research evolves over time through the contribution of many researchers.
  • Seek out different sources and types of sources.

Information Fallout was created by librarians at Minitex, an information and resource sharing program of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the University of Minnesota Libraries.