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How to find...

For a detailed map of the campus, please click here.

Below are some easy-to-use resources to find your way to:

- Student Academic Administration (SAA)

- the Accommodation Office

- the Main Building (video plus map)

- the Print Room

- Postgraduate rooms (PSU Common Room; Millstream Common Room; Postgrad PC Cluster, Library; Postgrad Study Room, Library; Postgrad Reading Room and PC Lab, Main Building)


The Print Room is located at E1-005 and is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Please see a map below. A useful tip is also to go into the main building via the slanted glass entrance and follow the signs for Plassey House!

Finding the Print Room

6 Postgraduate rooms explained in 3 minutes (PSU Common Room; Millstream Common Room; Postgrad PC Cluster, Library; Postgrad Study Room, Library; Postgrad Reading Room and PC Lab, Main Building)