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It is essential you register for your modules in Week 1 of Semester 1 particularly to avoid a €200 fine.

To be shown how to do this you can access a YouTube clip which explains this process at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx9yFziQjdo or visit the Student Academic Administration (SAA) website at https://www.ul.ie/academic-registry

Information about what an internal transfer is and how it works is provided briefly in the information video here.

Contact details for the relevant offices are also provided.

There are a few options available to you if you're having issues with your UL email account.

1) For the initial weeks of Semester 1 peer advisors in red t-shirts are available to help you in the UL Library.

2) There is an IT assistance desk in the Library.

3) You can email ITSS@ul.ie for assistance.


Information on the Fees structure at UL and in third level in Ireland is provided here.

The Print Room is located at E1-005 and is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Please see a map below.

Print Room Location

A useful tip is also to go into the main building via the slanted glass entrance and follow the signs for Plassey House!


It is likely that making new friendship groups will be part and parcel of your experience of third level education and the beauty of a campus such as UL is that if offers so many outlets for you to meet new people and forge some lasting friendships.

Making new friends might appear daunting and that is completely ok, becoming a third level student provides lots of platforms from which you can start meeting people. Explore some of the following options;

- Clubs and Societies, UL Student's Union https://ulsu.ie/clubssocs

- Class reps, UL Student's Union https://ulsu.ie/representation/governance

- Making friends, below are some high level tips about making friends. The full article on 'How to make friends at college or university' can be found here.

  1. Put yourself in places where potential friends are, and then meet and talk to them.
  2. Take the initiative to hang out with the people you seem to click with.
  3. Keep making plans and hanging out with these people you get along with and see where the budding friendship goes. Things can't work out with everyone, but some people will end up becoming friends of yours.


For students university life may be the first time to manage your own budget and figuring out what your source of income it v's the out-goings you now have.

UCC have developed a very useful resource which provides a very practical approach to finances and budgeting.

The resource is fRED - financial Resources for Education.

Section 4 on 'Budgeting' and Section 5 on 'Tips to Save Money' are very practical, easy to understand and useful. The link to this resource can be found here.

Topics include:

1. Introduction to student finances

2. Emptying your pockets

3. Lining your pockets

4. Budgeting 

5. Tips to save money

6. Games and scenarios

For some new students it might be your first experience away from home and you may not have cooked a lot previously.

Below is a link to a resource which provides a simple yet comprehensive selection of meals for you.

The PDF download is on the MABS website.

There is also an audio version available from the MABS website https://www.mabs.ie/publications/educational/


Click on the link below to access a cookery demo that we ran in Sept 2017 in conjunction with the UL Students Union and the First Seven Weeks crew! It has quick, healthy recipes for a student budget and includes cooking instructions and information on the nutritional value of each meal.

Thanks to Chef Keith Piggot and PESS Lecturer and nutritionist Catherine Norton for their work on this!