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Verifying Official UL Documents with e-Signatures

From 12 May 2020, Certified Letters and Student Transcripts will be issued by UL Academic Registry in a secure electronic document format. These documents will be signed and verifiable through our security partner, DocuSign.

Please note that this page refers to transcripts for current students and to official letters for students/graduates. Graduate Award Documents (parchments and transcripts) are issued differently and further details can be found on the Academic Award Documents page.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a secure service which uses trusted certificates to enable the signing and verification of documents. This allows students, graduates and third parties to be confident that the document issued by University of Limerick Academic Registry is genuine and that it has not been modified. 

I have received a document. How do I verify that it is genuine?

If you have received a document, you can verify it as follows:

  1. Please ensure you receive a PDF of the file and not a printed copy. The PDF should contain both:
    • The letter/transcript from UL and
    • A Certificate of Completion (last page)
  2. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat.
    • Opening the file within your email, or within a browser may not allow you to see the signature details.
    • If needed, you can install the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  
  3. To verify the document is unaltered since it was issued, and that it is signed:
    • Please click on the Signature Panel to open further details and verify that the document has not been modified (Marked as 1 on the screenshot below).
    • The Signature panel, can confirm that it is unaltered since signed and valid (marked as 2) and that the PDF was exported from www.docusign.com (marked as 3).
    • Check the last page of the document (Certificate of Completion) to verify that it was signed by an @ul.ie email address (see the red arrows in the second screenshot).



Further queries

If you have any further queries, please contact us at saa@ul.ie.