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Module Grade Entry

To all academic staff who are expected to submit grades in August 2017

MGE is the electronic grade submission process that replaced the paper process in Autumn 2010/1 . All grading from Autumn 2010/1 was completed using this new system. Academics enter grades directly to the student records system. Grading sheets no longer need to be signed by the Head of Departments as they will receive an email alert with grade distribution when the faculty member has completed the process.

  • Academic Staff responsible for grading a module in August 2017 will be required to submit their grades via the Module Grade Entry process.
  • MGE will be available from 21st August to 28th August 2017 at 11:00 from
  • Only academics responsible for a module(s) will have access to this system.
  • All Academic Staff should ensure that their name is attached to the correct module(s) in advance of the system being opened.This can be checked by logging on to the Student Records System (and choosing View My Module Details) or with your Department Co-ordinator.
  • Heads of Department will receive an email containing the Distribution of Grades and Average QPV for the module at 07:00 the day following its submission by the module leader.
  • SAA will provide full support to academics during this time and any queries or requests for training should be emailed directly to

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