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Citing and Referencing Sources:

Reporting the Work of Others in Academic Papers. Why Bother?

Academic Poster Workshop:

Academic Posters

Grammar and Mechanics:

Sentence Structure, Grammar and Mechanics

Genre Awareness:

Introducing and citing quotes, paraphrases, and summaries

      - Workshop voiceover available here

Paragraphs - why bother?

Dissertation & Thesis Writing Workshops: 

Defining a Research Project & Writing a Proposal

FYP SOS Writing Workshop

FYP 101 Writing Workshop

Cross-Disciplinary FYP Workshops

Writing a Research Proposal

Writing Your Literature Review

Workshops Autumn 2019

'How to get an A on you paper'

Academic Writing Workshops Spring 2019:

Academic Writing Workshop 1: Strategies to develop your writing

Academic Writing Workshop 2: Analysing the assignment and developing a plan

Academic Writing Workshop 3: Developing and organising your argument: effective thesis statements and arguments

Academic Writing Workshop 4: Using evidence to support your argument

Dissertation Workshops Summer 2019:

Dissertation Workshop 1: Structuring your dissertation:Writing the literature review

Dissertation Workshop 2: Writing your dissertation

Dissertation Workshop 3: Kick start your summer writing

From Proposal to Submission: Progressing Your Masters Dissertation

Writing for Learning & Academic Workshops Autumn 2019:

Writing for Learning & Academic Assessment - Understanding the assignment. Planning and organising your writing assignments

Writing for learning & Academic Assessment - Structuring your writing assignment

Writing for Learning & Academic Assessment - Citing and referencing

Writing for Learning & Academic Assessment - Revising and editing your assignments

International Education Division Workshops:

Scholarly Writing at postgraduate level

Academic-writing workshops for International Students Writing Workshop 1

Academic-writing workshops for International Students Writing Workshop 2

Mature Student Organisations:

Scholarly Writing at Third Level: Building Confidence to Develop as Critical Thinkers and Writers

Putting the Ease Back into Essay Writing (the handouts for this workshop can be found here and here.)

Welcome 2017 

Introducation to Writing in Academic Contexts 

Language Centre Lecture:

Integrity and Responsibility in Academic Writing 

Faculty Welcome:

Faculty Welcome

General Writing Strategies:

Peer tutor writing strategies