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Profile Isabel Pita


October 2009- August 2013-BSc in Applied Physics (University of Limerick)

October 2013- January 2018-PhD with the faculty of Science and Engineering. Title: The Formation and Enhancement of Heterostructures to Optimize Surface Plasmon Propagation in Nano-Optics Devices

Current Research:

The formation and characterization of an all-inorganic red LED. The enhancement offered by antenna structures for mode propagation in various waveguide structures in a broadband regime.

Research Achievements:

• Awarded an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship in 2013 (GOIPG/58/2013).

• Awarded INSPIRE funding to the value of €878 to carry out collaborative research with the Tyndall National Institute in September 2014.

• Awarded INSPIRE funding to the value of €1112 for the use of the dual-beam focused-ion beam microscope at the Tyndall National Institute in May 2016. 

• Awarded a UL PhD Scholar’s Bursary to the value of €2000 in September 2017.

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