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Discretionary Bands

Discretionary Criteria 

1. With the exceptions set out in points 2, 3 and 4 below, the following will be
the awards made on the basis of overall QCAs:

                QCA bands                                          Award
                ≥3.4                                             First class honours
                3.0-3.39                                       Second class honours grade 1
                2.6-2.99                                       Second class honours grade 2
                2.0-2.59                                       Third class honours

2. Students with QCAs in the bands indicated in the table below are eligible for discretionary consideration for the corresponding awards:

                QCA bands                                            Award
                 3.30-3.39                                       First class honours
                 2.90-2.99                                       Second class honours grade 1
                 2.50-2.59                                       Second class honours grade 2
3. Only in exceptional circumstances will a student with a QCA 0.03 or more below the QCAs of 2.6, 3.0 and 3.4 be given a higher award.

4. Students in the discretionary bands outlined in point 2 above shall be eligible,subject to point 3, to have their awards raised by the exam board on there commendation of the course leader and the external examiners, if in their professional opinion, based on a review of exam performance and/or course work and/or project work and/or interview their proficiency and understanding merits the higher award.

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