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Dr Catherine Lenihan Profile

I received a National Diploma in Photonics from IT Tralee in 2003. I received my BSc (Applied Physics) from University of Limerick in 2005. I graduated in Jan 2012 with a PhD under the supervision of Dr David Corcoran and Dr Ian Clancy. The title of my PhD Thesis is A Molecular Dynamics Exploration of the Properties of Bulk and Nanosized Single-Crystal Copper.

Postdoctoral positions:

Jan 2012- Jan 2014     Charles Parsons Initiative under the supervision of Prof Noel Buckley

Feb 2014-present        Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Group under the supervision of Prof Noel Buckley and Dr Robert Lynch



Cattleya Petchsingh, Nathan Quill, Jennifer T. Joyce, Deirdre Ní Eidhin, Daniela Oboroceanu, Catherine Lenihan, Xin Gao, Robert P. Lynch, D. Noel Buckley. Spectroscopic Measurement of State of Charge in Vanadium Flow Batteries with an Analytical Model of VIV-VV Absorbance. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2016 volume 163, issue 1, A5068-A5083.


Nathan Quill, Cattleya Petchsingh, Robert P. Lynch, Xin GaoDaniela Oboroceanu, Deirdre Ní Eidhin, Marcus O'Mahony, Catherine Lenihan,D. Noel Buckley. Factors Affecting Spectroscopic State-of-Charge Measurements of Positive and Negative Electrolytes in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries. ECS Trans. 2015 volume 64, issue 18, 23-39


Eric Chason, Alison Engwall, Fei Pei, Manon Lafouresse , Ugo Bertocci , Gery Stafford, Joseph A. Murphy, Catherine Lenihan and D. Noel Buckley, Understanding Residual Stress in Electrodeposited Cu Thin Films         J. Electrochem. Soc. 2013 volume 160, issue 12, D3285-D3289


Michael O'Grady, Catherine Lenihan, Denis Noel Buckley. Stress and Microstructure in Electrodeposited Copper Nanofilms and the Effect of Chloride and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG).   ECS Trans. 2013 volume 45, issue 22, 1-13


D. Noel Buckley, Michael O'Grady, Catherine Lenihan.  (Keynote) In Situ AFM Imaging and Stress Measurements during Interruption of Electrochemical Deposition of Copper Nanofilms  ECS Trans. 2013 volume 52, issue 1, 613-618


Michael O'Grady, Catherine Lenihan, Denis Noel Buckley. Surface Morphology and Stress in Electrodeposited Copper Nanofilms. ECS Trans. 2013 volume 50, issue 52, 43-53.


Lenihan C, Corcoran D, Nakahara, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Metal Crystal under Stress.  S. AIP Conf Proceedings 945 (11) 2007.