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Dr Rabah Mouras Profile

Rabah Mouras, PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow and Principle Investigator (PI) at the Department of Physics & Energy and  Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI)

Research group: Modelling, Simulation, And Innovative Characterization Group (MOSAIC)


Contact details: MS1-013-049, Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI), University of Limerick, Castletroy. Co. Limerick. Ireland


Phone: +353 (0) 61 234170


Research activities: His research activities are in the field of Nano-Bio-Photonics, focusing on the technological development of advanced label free, high resolution imaging  tools based on optical micro-spectroscopy (Raman, SERS, CARS, SRS, TPEF, SHG…) in combination with scanning probe microscopy (AFM, SNOM) for applications in both materials and  biosciences.


Current project: Optical metrology in collaboration with Cook Medical, co-funded by Enterprise Ireland and COOK Medical €505,455.00 (03/2016-02/2018), Principle Investigator (PI)


Publication list



  1. S. M. Daly, R. Mouras, C. Silien and T. A. M. Tofail, “Label free Infra-Red nanoscopy: Impact on biology and medical devices” Book Chapter in Electrically Active Materials for Medical Devices Accepted, April 2016 (under process).



  1. Grigore Rischitor, Rabah Mouras, Asim Azfer, Lisa Lungaro , Marc Ulharz, Thomas Herrmannsdörfer, Pierre Bagnaninchi, Scott Semple, Alistair Elfick, Donald M Salter, “A Bioassimilated Monitoring and Control Technology for Cell Therapies” Submitted to Scientific reports (February 2016)
  2. Mark Nixon, Scott D Mackenzie, Ash I Taylor, Natalie ZM Homer, Rabah Mouras, Roland H Stimson, Rebecca M Reynolds, Alistair Elfick, Ruth Andrew, Brian R Walker, “ABCC1 confers tissue-specific sensitivity to cortisol versus corticosterone; a rationale for safer glucocorticoid replacement therapy” Submitted to Science Translational Medicine (April 2016)



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  2. Dzmitry G. Batrakou, Jose I. de las Heras, Rabah Mouras, and Eric C. Schirmer, “TMEM120A and B: Nuclear Envelope Proteins Important for Adipocyte Differentiation” PLoS One 29 (2015); 10 (5): e0127712.
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