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IOP Rosse Medal Winner 2017


Mr. Cian McKeown, who is pursuing a PhD degree supervised by Dr. Fernando Rhen, won the IOP Rosse medal at the Spring Meeting over the weekend with presentation entitled “How strain Enhances Fuel Cell Catalysts”. The research supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) shows how strain in Pt films controls adsorption of methanol molecules leading to better fuel cells electrodes. The findings of the research have recently been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C and show the high impact research being carried out in the Physics Department and Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick.

The Institute of Physics in Ireland held their Spring Meeting in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin on the 11th of March. The meeting had the theme Physics and Life. Fifty-six postgraduate students from ten high education institutions in Ireland competed for the Rosse medal, which commemorates the 3rd Earl of Rosse (Sir William Parsons KP, FRS) and is awarded for the best communication of research by a postgraduate student. After two rounds consisting of posters and oral presentations, the winner was elected.  The Rosse medal is one of the most prestigious awards for physics postgraduates in Ireland.