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Biomedical Devices

Contact: Dr. Vincent Casey
Dept. of Physics, University of Limerick
E-mail: Vincent.Casey@ul.ie
Tel. +353-61-202257


Dr Vincent Casey’s research interests focus on microelectromechanical (MEMS) structures and their use in the measurement of contact pressures, typically between living tissue and medical pressure applying parts such as bandages, tourniquets and surgical instruments. Such interfaces and the pressures arising at them are also of interest in human swallowing. Recent work has focused on the development of wearable human swallow monitoring equipment and associated signal acquisition and analysis apps. The ultimate objective is to develop a simple tool that could be used in the screening and treatment of human swallow disorders. A number of patents have resulted from this work. There is also growing interest in the veterinary sector in interface pressure measurement and some fruitful cross-over work has yielded promising results particularly in the area of equine welfare.”