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Information for Suppliers - Fraudulent Purchase Orders
Irish-German Studies - Lecture and Film:19 April 2018
Gabrielle Alioth LIMERICKER LITERATURGESPRÄCHE 2018äche-2018
French award for Dr Marie-Thérèse Batardièreérèse-batardière
Japanese Film Festival April 2018
Dr Alan Cusack Contributes to Landmark Report on Vulnerable Witnesses
Commission on the Future of Policing
Educational Tour of Henry Street Garda Station
Roma Rights Seminar
Irish Guidance Counsellors Seminar
Student Visit to Garda Training College
Community Law and Mediation
American Kleptocracy: How Trump Won the (Mid) West
Towards Compliance with the UNCRPD
Doing your PhD in UL
Guest Lecture on Defences at the International Criminal Court
School visit to Crescent College
Guest Lecture at Institute of Technology Carlow
Kate Fleming Memorial Competition
Chief Justice’s Summer Internship Programme’s-summer-internship-programme-1
Professor Antony Pemberton, Tilbury University meets with Final Year Project Group
Law for a Day
The EU Unitary Patent
Adjunct Professor Ellen O’Malley Dunlop in the Media’malley-dunlop-media
Burren Law School: May Bank Holiday 2018
Opinion Piece
SLSA Conference 2018 Bristol
Greentown report - Scottish Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice
The visit of the Supreme Court to the University of Limerick
Review article by Laura Donnellan on ascribing personhood to all primatesImage
The Microscopy Society of Ireland Annual Symposium
Creative Writing Winter School
Current Issues in Irish Media
Irish Bestsellers List
Published Novel
Student Modelling Week June 5-8
Domain Decomposition Methods with Adaptive Multipreconditioning
Student Mathematical Modelling Workshop
Asset Prices in Segmented and Integrated Markets
Productive Writer No. 17
Announcement of Shortlisted Essay Competition Entrants
UL One Campus, One Book Initiative Comes To A Close
Productive Writer No. 16
Productive Writer No. 16
PhD studentship (Fully Funded)
PhD studentship opportunity (Fully Funded)
FYP Demo Day Exhibition 05/04/18
ActionPoint 2018 FYP Prize
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Caroline Murphy
Gender Equality in Decision Making
Gender Equality in Decision Making
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