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Chemical Engineering Graduate
Dr J Connolly:Central American Conference on Drug issues
Housing Law and Policy Online launched with Community Law and Mediation
59 Law Students receive President’s Letter’s-letter
Justice Media Awards
Modern Studies in Property Law
Dr Laura Cahillane on Vincent Browne and Morning Ireland
Arthur Cox Participation Prize
UL Law Alumni Event
Laura Donnellan publishes article in Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports
Contemporary Issues in Family Formation Conference
BD-SFI Industry Fellowship
Bernal Institute Launch of the Titan Themis Microscope
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SAA Location
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Student Academic Administration Videos
I wish to make amendments to an existing programme / create a new programme. How do I do this?
If I wish to modify a programme / module when is the best time to put my application before APRC?
When can I get the appropriate forms and guidelines in relation to APRC?
What should I do if my proposal is approved at college level?
What happens if APRC is satisfied with my proposal?
What happens if APRC is not satisfied with my proposal?
Can modifications or new programmes be implemented once the department/college has reviewed changes?
What happens when Academic Council approves changes?
University of Limerick unveils one-of-a-kind multi-million Euro microscope
1st Masterclass in Characterization of Crystalline and Soft Materials.
Dr. Eleanor Giraud
Professor Pierce Grace
Dr Eleanor Giraud - Research Interests
Dr. Eleanor Giraud Bio
Dr. Clodagh Tait - Research Interests
Professor Geraldine Sheridan - Research Interests
Dr. Darach Sanfey - Research Interests
Dr. Philip O'Regan - Research Interests
Dr. Breandán Ó Cróinín - Research Interestsán-ó-cróinín-research-interests
Dr. Christina Morin - Research Interests
Dr. Karol Mullaney-Dignam - Research Interests
Dr. Alistair Malcolm - Research Interests
Dr. Richard Kirwan - Research Interests
Dr. Michael Griffin - Research Interests
Dr. Carrie Griffin - Research Interests
Dr. David Fleming - Research Interests
Dr. Liam Chambers - Research Interests
Mr. Ken Bergin - Research Interests
Dr. Gordon O'Riain Research Interests
Royal Favouriism and the Governing Elite of the Spanish Monarchy
The Collection Poems of Laurence Whyte
Religion and Politics in Urban Ireland
Specialist Markets in the Early Modern Book World
Spaces for Reading in Later Medieval England
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Dr. Clodagh Tait
Professor Geraldine Sheridan
Dr. Darach Sanfey
Dr. Philip O'Regan Bio
Dr. Philip O'Regan
Dr Karol Mullaney-Dignam Bio
Dr. Alistair Malcolm Bio
Dr. Richard Kirwan Bio
Dr. David Felming Bio
Dr. Ruan O'Donnell Bio
Dr. Ruan O'Donnell
Dr. Gordon O'Riain Bio
Dr Gordon Ó Riainó-riain-2
Dr Breandán Ó Cróinínán-ó-cróinín
Dr. Tríona Ní Shíocháin Bioíona-ní-shíocháin-bio
Dr. Christina Morin Bio
Dr. Tríona Ní Shíocháiníona-ní-shíocháin
Dr. Karol Mullaney-Dignam
Dr. Christina Morin
Dr. Alistair Malcolm
Dr. Richard Kirwan
Dr. Michael J Griffin Bio
Dr. Michael J Griffin
Dr. Carrie Griffin Bio
Dr. Carrie Griffin