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Viewing Day 26th June 2018
Lector in Japanese Language
EVA - I was a dam buster Panel Discussion
CALS Annual Report 2017
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Muhammad KashifJalil Thesis
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A Lot Done A Lot More To Do? Trans People and the Law
'What's the Tea?' A Conversation with Michelle Visage
Launch of Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime
The Flipped Classroom 'Show and TEL' lunchtime session
Summer School Visit to Henry Street Garda Station
EU High Level Group
Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service Conference
Postgraduate Courses 2018
New Family Law Online Module
37 Law Students receive President’s Letter’s-letter
Greentown Programme Design Implementation Team
AIIHPC Workshop
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Financing of Healthcare
Mediation process still has a long way to go
Promotion to Senior Lecturer
Law and Non-communicable Diseases
Terrorism, Crime & Justice Summer School Field Trip
Research Evidence into Policy, Programmes and Practice
Policing Commission- SOLAS Project
Law Lecture Presents at FBE Congress Bologna
Housing Law and Policy Online Launched for September 2018
Cost Actions Successes for School of Law
IASIO Workshop on Mandatory Reporting
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Giving a Voice to Victims in the Irish Criminal Process
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Women in Mathematics Day Ireland 2018
MACSI PhD Student Jean Rizk Wins UL Thesis in 3 Competition
EWCA 2018
Rescheduled Workshop for Faculty Members: Kick-Start Your Summer Writing
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IMPORTANT Script Viewing Days 26-27 June 2018
Open Source Processing of Remote Sensing Images with ORFEO
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Kwok Ng
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Roisin Cahalan
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Dr. Pepijn Van de Ven
Welcome to Gender Arc @ UL
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Gender Arc @UL