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Postgraduate Studies at UL
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Eimear Coakley
Sean O Connell
Reading by German author Christopher Kloeble
Limerick citizens and the European Union: Where do we go from here?
Professor Ross MacMillan
The problem with street harassment
Adrienne Horan
Joint Lecture between Professor Morreale, WSU and SIO students in Templemore
Adrienne Horan
Visit from the Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (CYCJ) Scotland
Ger Coffey Lecture
Homelessness Information Leaflet Launch with CLM
Housing Law Workshop
Community policing discussed at Oireachtas Justice Committee
A and L Goodbody
Inaugural Sweeney McGann Prize
LLM/MA Half Fee Waiver Awards
District Court Advocacy
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ALT Matheson Postgraduate Scholarship winner
New York University
Constitutional Change
International Workshop
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‘Thoughts on Homicide’ A Lecture by Mr. Justice Peter Charleton‘thoughts-homicide’-lecture-mr-justice-peter-charleton
Consent and Capacity in Practice: Clinical and Legal Concerns
Congratulations to Eoin Guilfoyle
Law Library within the New Glucksman Library
Eversheds Sutherland
Eoin O Meara-Daly
Dr. Catherine Naughton
John Reddy
John Reddy
Dr. Catherine Naughton
Eoin O'Meara-Daly
Thoughts on Homicide
Irish Language & Literature
Technical Communication & Instructional Design
Aonad Na Gaeilge
Removal of viscous contaminants from gaps and cracks
BT Young Scientist Maths Support
Positive Semigroups: I. The finite-dimensional case.
BT Young Scientist Maths Support
Numerical Approximations of Pure Aggregation Population Balance Equation and its Applications.
Reading and Discussion with Danny Denton
Academic Writing Workshops Autumn 2018
'Waltzing Back: The Cranberries 1989-1993’’
Songs of Social Protest Published
‘Waltzing Back: The Cranberries 1989-1993’‘waltzing-back-cranberries-1989-1993’-0
Postgraduate Opportunities in light emitting diodes (LEDs) 2 posts
Postgraduate Opportunities in light emitting diodes (LEDs) 2 posts
Tyndall lecture 2019
Nobel Prize in Physics 2018
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