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Student Testimonials
CALS Guest lecture 19 April 2017
AHSS 2017 Postgraduate Conference
Professor Ray Friel discusses EU Data Protection Policy on Limerick Today
Professor Shane Kilcommins in Irish Daily Mail article on the lack of constraints on Judges
Constitution at 80 Conference on 11th November 2017
Rachel Jones Co-operative Education Placement
Louise Kennedy Co-operative Education Placement
Katie Matthews Co-operative Education Placement
Dr Johnny Connolly interview with Irish Independent on drug law enforcement
Professor Shane Kilcommins in Irish Daily Mail article on sentencing in Ireland
Seminar on Womens Rights in Honduras
School of Law win tender
Prof Ray Friel was interviewed today on Live 95FM
Students attended Henry Street Garda Station for an educational tour
Stephen O’Reilly, University of Texas School of Law’reilly-university-texas-school-law
Pierre Sylvestre
Final Year Law Plus Students Present to Community Law Programme
Dr John Lombard spoke on Copyright Protection and the Streaming of Online Content on Live 95FM
The Irish Times mentions UL Student Law Society recent event.
Law School of the Year Awards 2017
Research Support Awards for PhD Students
Law for a Day 2017
Garda Forensic Collision Unit
Advanced Lawyering Project Presentation
School of Law PhD Scholarships
UL Law Society - Medical Cannabis Debate
Journalism in UL Presents a Symposium
Student Media Awards 2017
The Centre for Early Modern Studies Lecture
AHSS Postgraduate Conference 2017
MACSI PhD Students Recieve Awards at RSC Conference in Durham
MACSI and ESRI Research Shows that Electricity Users Not Investors are Exposed to Price Fluctuations
Robust Joint Modelling: An introduction and exploration of recent extensions
Company C: fundamental modelling of wave propagation through a material
Phase change at the nanoscale
ESGI128 Problems
Registered Participants at ESGI128
Calling Dunbar's Numbers
MACSI PhD Student Royal Statistical Society Webinar
Paper by MACSI Researcher announced as Highlight of the Year
MACSI and Rusal Aughinish Alumina Winner of KTI Impact Consultancy Award 2017
Extreme near-shore wave events
Emergent bi-stability in population dynamics
Online Application
Ph.D. Writers’ Week - Getting you (back) on the ‘write’ track’-week-getting-you-back-‘write’-track
Why good academic writers perform poorly in the workplace: Teaching for transfer across contexts of writing
Transition Year Runner Up: Tara Whittington, Coláiste na Sceilge, Co. Kerryáiste-na-sceilge-co-kerry
Transition Year Runner Up: Mati Karski, Coláiste Éanna, Co. Dublináiste-éanna-co-dublin
Transition Year Overall Winner: Robyn Maxwell, Coláiste Muire, Co. Clareáiste-muire-co-clare
Fifth Year Runner Up: Aoife Twomey Villiers School, Co. Limerick
Fifth Year Runner Up: Ihinose Enebi, Villiers School, Co. Limerick
Fifth Year Overall Winner: Sonja Murphy, Laurel Hill Coláiste, Co. Limerickáiste-co-limerick
Sixth Year Runner Up: Glen Kiely, St. Munchins College, Co. Limerick.
Sixth Year Runner Up: Keith Dowling, Mary Immaculate, Secondary School,Co. Clare.
Sixth Year Overall Winner :Cian Dunne of Rice College, Westport, Co. Mayo.
ULearning Workshops
Winners of the National Secondary School Essay Writing Competition 2016/17
Current Recruitment Information
“Football, Politics and Popular Culture Conference”“football-politics-and-popular-culture-conference”
Football, Politics and Popular Culture Conference
PhD Opportunities
PhD Opportunities
Refresher Course - Methods and Practice
Volume 17, 2016
CSIS Lecturer Brenda Romero To Receive BAFTA Special Award
Prof. Boris Murmann’s Data Converter Design Course (2017)’s-data-converter-design-course-2017
Eamon O'Malley Bio
Dr. Patrick Meehan Bio
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Danny O'Hare
A Built-in-Self-Test Signal Processing Engine for Data Converters
Digitally-Controlled LLC Resonant SMPS with Wide Output Voltage Range
Optical Fibre Based Sensors
GaN-Switch Based 3D-Integrated Power Pack
Adaptive Digital Control Algorithms for High Efficiency Power Conversion for LED Lighting Applications