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Postgraduate Studies at UL
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Campus Wi-Fi Project
IT Survey
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Lecture on EU-Japan Economic Relationship 6pm S205 by Prof Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan
Sports Law @ UL Seminar Series 2019
Guest Lecture: “The Role of An Garda Síochána Victim Service Office”“-role-garda-síochána-victim-service-office”
‘AIIHPC Research Blog’‘aiihpc-research-blog’
Career First Programme at Matheson
Nominated to Irish Youth Justice Steering Group
COMHDHÁIL AR DHEISEANNA DO CHÉIMITHE DLÍ MAR DHLÍTHEANGEOLAITHE LEIS AN AE, ÓSTAÍ AN RÍáil-ar-dheiseanna-do-chéimithe-dlí-mar-dhlítheangeolaithe-leis-ae-óstaí-rí
Guest Lecture: “Challenges in Prosecuting International Crimes: A Case Study from Uganda”“challenges-prosecuting-international-crimes-case-study-uganda”
Centre for Crime, Justice and Victim Studies Join EU COST Action on Victimology
School of Law Successfully Obtain Research Tender
New Book Arrest, Detention and Questioning
Grand Final of the A&L Goodbody Moot Court Competition
Professor Richard Roe
School Visit to Castletroy College
AandL Goodbody Moot Court Competition 2019
Transition years - Day 5
Transition year Week 2019 - Blog Day 3 and 4
FYP 2019 Submission Week 6
Current Issues in Irish Media Seminar Series
Launch of the MA in Journalism, Sport
Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilgeáir-léann-na-gaeilge-3
Spectra of random networks in the weak clustering regime.
SFI award MACSI funding to run a TY Programme to allow students to explore how to model real-world problems using maths and stats
Young Modellers
Mekha Mathew
Zohreh Eshghimanesh
Maruf Raheem
Malbor Asllani
Bruno Cunha
Seismic imaging of the Earth's structure and dynamics.
Academic Writing Workshops!
Academic Writing Workshops!
Academic Writing Workshops!
Academic Writing Workshops!
Academic Writing Workshops!
Academic Writing Workshops!
FYP Workshops
TY Student in the RWC!
TY Student in the RWC!
TY Student in the RWC!
Juno Practitioner
NEW MSc in Artificial Intelligence (ONLINE)
Patti O'Malley
Mx Alena Kiel
Graduate Study
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Blobs, Podcasts and Epubs
Research Projects
Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia
Gender Equality in Decision Making (GEM)
Women's Mobility in Contemporary Galician and Irish Literatures
Management and Gender in Higher Education
The Irish Catholic Church and the Politics of Migration
The Female Face of Shame
W. B. Yeats, A Vision (1937)
Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy
Boys, Masculinities, Men Teachers, and Mentorship Project
Gender, Culture and Identity: Local, National, International
Women, War and Letters, 1880-1920
Inventing and Re-Inventing the Irish Woman
New Voices and Counter-Narratives
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