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Argentine Cinema Series Autumn 2017
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LLM Scholarship Awards
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Irish Examiner publication by Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan’sullivan
International Association of Mental Health Lawyers (IALMH),
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Opinion Piece by Laura Donnellan on contaminated horse feed and failed drug tests
Faculty Teaching Day 2017
Judicial Council Bill
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Dr Alan Cusack
Dr Sorcha de Brúnún
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Professor Sarah Moore
MACSI co-director receives funding from the Science Foundation Ireland Investigators Programme
Microstuctural models of ligament and tendon elasticity and viscoelasticity
Astronomical immunology
The Certificate in Nursing (Nurse/Midwife) Prescribing
Productive Writer No. 1
PhD Writers Week August 2017
A Conversation with Fay Milton (Savages)
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IOP Frontiers of Physics
Frontiers of Physics 2017
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Script Viewing 12th and 13 September 2017
Centre for Early Modern Studies and the Limerick History Research Seminar
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