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Angel Catala Sempere
Upcoming Webinar: ‘Phraseology, argumentation and identity in the Supreme Court of Ireland’s discourse: a case study on language policy judgments’‘phraseology-argumentation-and-identity-supreme-court-ireland’s-discourse-case-0
Emily-Anne Rennison
Emily-Anne Rennison Thesis
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Yousef Alhassan Thesis
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Sultan Alenezi Thesis
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Damien Lonergan Thesis
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Mamobo Ogoro Thesis
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Gail Flanagan Thesis
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Michelle Daly Thesis
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Assisted Dying Research Tender
Criminal Procedure Module Guest Lecture with Rebecca Coen
School of Law at the Annual Justice Week Debate
Dr Laura Cahillane addresses the Citizens Assembly on the issue of Article 41 2
Leadership in Law
Impact of Covid 19 on British Horse Racing
The rights of adopted persons to their identity
Editorial Board of the King’s Inns Law Review KILR’s-inns-law-review-kilr
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Dr Laura Cahillane on Oireachtas TV and in the Irish Times
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Angela Liddy
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Policing and Human Rights Law in Ireland
Greentown gets Gold
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The Winter Interviews Life as a Lawyer
Virtual Visit to CBS Sexton Street Limerick
Mooting Tips and Tricks Evening
Cliodhna Condon
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Post Doctoral Researcher in Mathematical Modelling of Drug Release and Physicochemical Processes – Specific Purpose Contract–
Current and Upcoming Vacancies at MACSI - February 2021
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Post Doctoral Researcher in Statistics and Data Analytics – Specific Purpose Contract–-specific-purpose-contract
Post Doctoral Researcher in Statistics – Specific Purpose Contract–-specific-purpose-contract
Terms and Conditions of the MACSI Chart Competition 2021
MACSI Chart Competition 2021
PhD Vacancy: Solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution
Post Doctoral Researcher in Data Science/Machine Learning
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