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Partnership Alliance Of The Year Awarded to MSSI Based SSPC


John O'Halloran and Professor Kieran Hodnett

In November 2014, the MSSI based Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC) was awarded the Partnership Alliance of the Year Award at the Pharma Industry Awards 2014. The award recognises the SSPC for its outstanding national and international industry-academia, inter-industry, and inter-academia collaborations between its 22 industry partners, 9 research performing organisations and 12 international academic collaborators, within the pharmaceutical sector. The SSPC was also shortlisted in the top six nominees for the Overall Pharmaceutical Excellence Award.

The inaugural Irish Pharma Industry Awards took place before a packed audience of senior executives, production and process personnel drawn from industry, State and education sectors. The awards were supported by Indaver Ireland, GS1 Ireland, Air Products, PharmaChemical Ireland, The Pharmaceutical Managers’ Institute Ireland and Amarach Research and media partnered with the Irish Independent. Matt Moran, Director of Pharmaceutical Ireland said “These new awards are both timely and appropriate given the on-going development in the Pharma sector in Ireland and its continued strategic importance to the Irish economy”.