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MSSI Research Forum - Friday, 26 February at 12h00


Materials & Surface Science Institute


Professor Gérard Férey

Institut Lavoisier

University of Versailles, France

PRESENTATION TITLE   A Personal View of the Past, Present and Future of MOFs, PCPs and Related Solids


Porous coordination polymers and MOFs are the young and beautiful children of zeolites. They represent an extremely rich and new class of materials, continuously expanding, which now deserves this overview after more than 25 years of very active and creative development (55 when taking into account the pioneer paper of Saito and Higuchi in 1959). After an historical introduction of this adventure, this talk will present the main steps, classical (chemistry, structures, adsorption properties) or apparently heterodox (mechanisms of formation, physical properties), and the breakthroughs which paved the way of the present tremendous development of this new domain of research, which represents one of the very rare ecumenic examples gathering the approaches of the different sub-disciplines of chemistry. For being preserved from a dangerous academism, new avenues are being explored, which give another dimension of this already so rich field of research. The talk will highlight some of them, academic and industrial, considered personally by the author as the most promising for the future.


Gérard Férey was Professor at Le Mans University (1967-1988 and 1992-1995), then deputy Director of the Chemistry Department of CNRS (1988-1992) before creating the Institut Lavoisier in the new University of Versailles on demand of CNRS and Ministry of Education. He was nominated as Professor at the Institut Universitaire de France in 1999. His fields of research concerned first the magnetic frustration of 3d transition metal fluorides (Le Mans) and then, in Versailles, inorganic and hybrid micro- and mesoporous solids (synthesis, structures, mechanisms of formation, structural prediction, multi-functionalities) for dedicated applications in the domains of energy, energy savings, sustainable development and health. Member of the Academia Europaea (1994), the French Academy of Sciences (2003), the National Indian Academy of Sciences (2001) and the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain (2009), he has received many international awards (Grand Prix IFP of the French Academy (2000)), A. von Humboldt Award (Germany (2004)), C.N.R. Rao Prize (India (2005)), Award Lecture of the Chemical Society of Japan (2008), three Award lectures in famous American universities, the Catalan-Sabatier Award of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (2008), ENI Award for the Protection of Environment (2009). He received the Gold Medal of CNRS in 2010, the International Award of the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie (with J. Fréchet) in 2011; in 2013, it was the Davison Award of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the rare Lavoisier Gold Medal of the French Chemical Society and, last year, the Award Lecture of the European Chemical Societies (EuCheMS). He is the author of more than 500 publications earning a h-index of 92.


DATE:           Friday, 26 February 2016

TIME:            12h00

VENUE:        MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension  

Tea/Coffee Will be Available at 11h45

For further information, please contact:

Professor Michael Zaworotko, Tel. No: (061) 234361 or Email: michael.zaworotko@ul.ie