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MSSI Member Appointed To European Commission Clean Sky2 Scientific Committee


TrevorMSSI Member Appointed To European Commission Clean Sky2

In December 2014, MSSI Member, Dr Trevor Young was appointed to the Scientific Committee of the European Commission’s Clean Sky 2 (link is external)Joint Undertaking (CSJU) research programme. Clean Sky 2 is the largest and most ambitious aeronautical research programme ever undertaken in Europe. It is structured as a public-private partnership with a total budget of almost €4 billion (2014 to 2024).

The Clean Sky programme was set up by the European Commission (EC) to bring about step changes to reduce the environmental impact of aviation (i.e. emissions and noise). The 12-person Scientific Committee is made up of experts from industry, academia and aviation regulatory bodies from across Europe. The committee, which will be responsible for overseeing the scientific content of the Clean Sky 2 programme, includes among its members the former Vice President Future Projects & Technologies at Airbus and the former Director of the National Aerospace Research Laboratory of the Netherlands (NLR).

Dr Young has been involved in European aerospace research for almost 20 years, working on collaborative research projects and also as an expert evaluator and project reviewer for the EC. Earlier this year, Dr Young received, on behalf of the aeronautical engineering researchers at UL, the Irish Aviation Industry Award for research excellence, which was sponsored by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

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