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International FameLab Competition in UL - Nov 2016

International FameLab Competition in UL - Nov 2016

Passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics? 
Want to tell the world?  Then FameLab needs you!

Held annually in over 30 countries across the globe, Famelab is the world's largest science communication competition.  And it's coming to the University of Limerick in November.   

The University of Limerick is running a regional heat on Wednesday 16th November 2016 in Lecture room AD2-010 in the new UL Analog Building at 6pm.  The event is being managed in partnership between the British Council and the Faculty of Science and Engineering, UL in association with the SFI Discover Programme.

With science becoming increasingly specialised, those working in the field can struggle to explain their projects to colleagues let alone the general public.  And explaining what you do can be extraordinarily important. The organisers of FameLab have recognised this and challenge up and coming scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians to explain a complex idea in a straightforward and engaging way.

In Ireland, armed only with their wits and a few props, the top newest voices from the world of science and engineering across the country will deliver short 3-minute pieces on bizarre and pertinent science concepts – expect to hear anything from why men have nipples to how 3D glasses work and is nuclear energy a good or bad thing.  Presentations will then be judged according to FameLab’s "3 Cs": Content, Clarity and Charisma.

Over 5,500 participants have taken part across the globe so far. Aside from great prizes including an all-expenses paid 2 day communication master class, contestants will have the chance to represent Ireland at the Famelab international finals at the Cheltenham Science Festival with representatives from organisations like NASA and CERN. By entering FameLab, you will begin a journey with like-minded people, build your networks, expand skillsets essential for developing your career and, most of all, have a fantastic time!

To enter the University of Limerick heat, simply complete the application form at the following link:   http://www.britishcouncil.ie/famelab/enter-competition/apply.       Application forms to be submitted by 5pm, Friday 4th Nov 2016.   A Science Communication Training session by a professional trainer will be provided prior to the Heat event.   All applicants are invited to attend the training  free of charge. 

Queries to:  Email:  Bernie.Quilligan@ul.ie   

Useful Links:  https://vimeo.com/184988363                       www.britishcouncil.ie/famelab

For me FameLab was a great experience!’ said Fergus McAuliffe, an Environmental Scientist from Cork, who scooped the international FameLab crown for Ireland in 2013. ‘As there are a number of different rounds you will improve as you progress. This is helped by all of the training you receive (free of charge of course) from some of the world’s top science communicators. By being involved, your communication and public speaking skills will be honed and these will be of use to you in many fields down the line. And most importantly it is great fun – getting to meet many other people from around the world who share the same passion as you for science communication’.

Liz McBain, British Council Ireland, said ‘We are delighted to see Famelab coming to the University of Limerick and to witness the competition growing from strength to strength in Ireland.  We have some of the most talented STEM professionals but talent isn’t enough.  In this global economy, they need also to learn to communicate their science to local and international audiences - to investors, to partners, to colleagues and even to the wider public. Famelab provides an ideal platform to do this’.