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All of MSSI's state-of-the-art characterisation and sample preparation facilities are available for use by Industry. Several of these facilities are unique in Ireland. MSSI employs a team of highly trained research staff to support industry using these facilities who combine research expertise in chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science and nanotechnology with the technical skills required to perform cutting edge analysis and research. Equipment includes:

  • High resolution scanning electron microscopy & transmission electron microscopy
  • Focussed Ion Beam/Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry workstation
  • X-ray photoelectron spectrometry & imaging XPS
  • X-Ray Diffractometer with high/low temperature stages (-180-1200ÂșC)
  • Suite of mechanical testing equipment
  • Raman spectroscopy with 3D and time-based mapping & heated stage
  • Thermal analysis suite

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For more information contact us at mssi@ul.ie or Tel 061 213127