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Exam Revision

The Mathematics Learning Centre runs examination revision programmes for various maths modules during week 13 of each semester. The timetable for these classes for Autumn 2018/19 (December 3rd-7th) is listed below. 

Tutor Module Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 3
Susan MA4001 Eng Maths 1

4-5pm Monday in FG061

3-4pm Tuesday in DG016 2-3pm Wednesday in DG016
Niall MA4003/5 Eng Maths 3 10-11am Monday in DG016 5-6pm Tuesday in DG016 9-10am Thursday in CSG001
Joey MA4113 Business Maths 10-11am Wednesday in CSG001 10-11am Thursday in CSG001 10-11am Friday in CSG001
Aoife MA4601 Science Maths 1 12-1pm Monday in DG016 11-12pm Wednesday in CSG001 3-4pm Friday in DG016
Aoife MA4701 Tech Maths 1 1-2pm Monday in DG016 9-10am Tuesday in KBG12 1-2pm Thursday in DG016