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Welcome to the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI)


​MACSI is a network of mathematical modellers and scientific computational analysts based in Ireland.

Our aim is to foster new collaborative research, on problems that arise in science, engineering and industry, in order to produce world-class publications on mathematical modelling and produce world-class research and research training in mathematical modelling.

  • MACSI works closely with scientists and industrial companies around the world on inter-disciplinary problems, using our mathematical expertise to develop insight and provide innovative solutions. 
  • MACSI will enable industrial companies to improve their products and processes through the application of cutting-edge mathematical modelling techniques.
  • To date MACSI has worked with over 30 companies, the results of many of the joint projects we undertake result in increases in productivity and reduction in costs, which ultimately enhances competitiveness for our industrial partners.
  • MACSI aims to increase awareness among students at all levels of the role of mathematics in modern industry.

Join us at the University of Limerick on March 20-22nd for conference that outlines the importance of mathematics for the 4th Industrial revolution - Industry 4.0.

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