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MACSI10 - Empowering Industrial Mathematical and Statistical Modelling for the Future

This year, the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) in the University of Limerick is celebrating its 10 year anniversary of collaborative applied mathematics and statistics research for problems that arise in science, engineering and industry. In order to mark this special occasion we are hosting a FREE event on December 8th and 9th in the Analog Device Building in the University of Limerick.

MACSI10 aims to develop an innovation ecosystem that empowers the mathematical and statistical modelling research community to respond to emerging opportunities from academia and industry.

The schedule can be found below:

MACSI10 Schedule

The first of its kind in Ireland, this event brings together mathematicians, scientists and industrialists to openly discuss the industrial challenges that could be solved by applying mathematical and statistical modelling techniques, in an interactive forum. The range of problems that require the application of such expertise is very broad in scope and are intrinsically interdisciplinary.

The MACSI10 workshop will build upon MACSI’s strategic links between the academic-research community and industry base, aiming to create a coherent vision for the next decade in Irish applied and industrial mathematics.

Current plenary speakers include Professors Brian Wetton (Professor of Mathematics, University of British Columbia), Dietmar Hoemberg (ECMI President and Professor at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics), Dr. Deirdre Hollingsworth (University of Wawrick) and Wil Schilders (EU-Maths-In President and Professor of Scientific Computing for Industry at Eindhoven University of Technology).

 MACSI10 will include talks from renowned experts in industrial mathematics with the themes of “Case Studies of the Successful Implementation of Mathematical Sciences for Irish Industry”, “How the MACSI Experience has Influenced Careers Abroad” and “Industrial Mathematics in Europe and Further Afield”.

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This event is thanks to our sponsors