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MACSI Seminar Series

The Mathematics and Statistics seminars are given by experts from all over the world, on a variety of topics within and related to mathematics and statistics. Seminars are held on Friday afternoons at 4 pm unless stated otherwise.

An overhead projector and projection equipment are available in the seminar room.

If you are interested in presenting a seminar or would like to suggest a speaker, please contact the seminar organiser Dr Romina Gaburro, or Dr Clifford Nolan,  Speakers themselves may also direct any other queries to the organisers or the MACSI administrator ( 

The calendar of events may be found here

Information on the MACSI10 event can be found here

Short Informal Mathematics (SIM) talks

SIM talks is an acronym for Short Informal Mathematics talks. We especially welcome non-mathematicians/statisticians! SIM talks take place every Tuesday at 12.30 in the MACSI seminar room, A2002.  Everyone is welcome to attend. SIM talks can be a great way to get input from mathematical and statistical modelling experts on a project.

Please see the SIM Talks page for more information 

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