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DRAFT RUSAL Aughinish Alumina

 Aughinish Alumina (AAL) extracts bauxite into alumina using the Bayer process. Europe’s largest alumina refinery and a major alumina asset of RUSAL One of the world’s most energy efficient alumina refineries The facility infrastructure includes a deepwater terminal on the Shannon estuary that facilitates efficient deliveries to European smelters 







They have a newly installed moisture analyser and would like some help with calibration.

The questions to the study group are as follows…

  1. Is the analyser capable of analysing moisture?
  2. If so, what is the best calibration?


We have 1 sec interval data from the analyser for a few months.

  • Attenuation
  • Phase Shift 1
  • Phase Shift 2
  • Depth
  • Tonnage

We have corresponding moisture data as measured in the lab approx. 3-4 sample per day

Background Reading



The analyser vendor has given us full access to the data but it should not be shared outside the study group. The conclusions can be shared.


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