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Company C: fundamental modelling of wave propagation through a material


Company C requests that the Study Group investigate the fundamental modelling of wave propagation through a material.

The material can be rigid or flexible, with transversely oriented periodically-spaced cylindrical holes (with possible range of hole diameters in the range 1 mm to 20 mm). The holes are filled with a (typically colloidal) non-Newtonian fluid, which may have a range of possible rheological properties. The total structure is sealed.

The questions of primary interest are: how does the wave transmission through the material (and reflection from it) depend upon:

  1. The frequency of the incident wave;
  2. The rheology and microstructure of the colloidal material;
  3. The geometry of the periodic structure (diameter and patterning of holes, thickness and stiffness of the material);

Figure 1: Included to illustrate the impact of changing material concentration. The lower the y-axis measurement the better.


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